Sunday, 26 June 2016

A Clash of Shields

I had some good company last night and I put on a game of Sword and Spear for them and I tried my hand at Game Mastering the game. I made 2 400 point lists as follows:

Mid Republican Romans
1 General
2 Captains
5 Hastati/Principe- armored
1 Triari
1 Cavalry - armored undisciplined
2 Velites



4 Warriors - Large
1 Warrior
1 Gaestati
2 Well Equipped Cavalry
1 Slinger
1 Archer


The Gauls lost the scouting and set up their large heavy infantry on their left with their flank anchored to the tower there. The regular warrior, the Gaeseti and the 2 cavalry set up near the woods on the other flank. The light foot were set up in the centre.

The Romans set up their heavy foot in a line opposite the large w
Warbands with a hill between them. The lone Cavalry held the flank of the line and the Velites set up to counter any flanking plans the Gallic cavalry might bring.

The Roman battle plan was to capture the hill with his heavy foot and assess from their whether to press the attack against the large Warbands opposite him. The Roman Light Foot and Cavalry were assigned to stall or eliminate any flanking maneuvers from the Gauls.

Romans on the left Gauls on the right

The Gallic plan was to refuse the flank with their large Warbands until the flank attack was successful and then surround the smaller Roman army.

The Gallic General struggled to maneuver his flanking force around the forests but did manage to crush the two Velites sent to oppose him. The timing was not good as the Romans were able to close the range with the Gallic Large Warbands before the victorious Gallic Cavalry could come to their aid.

The Gallic Archers was frustratingly effective against the Roman Heavy Foot as it advanced, inflicting three hits on one of the Hastati.

The initial charge by the Roman Heavy Foot was devastating and the Large Warbands were quickly too damaged to benefit from rally rolls. One of the Large Warbands fell out of the battle line to chase the Roman Cavalry that was threatening the flank after it chased down and evading Light Archer. The Large Warband defeated the Roman Cavalry but was badly missed in the clash between the main battle lines. 

Losses were even with both sides losing their two Light Foot and a Cavalry. The Romans were able to gain the upper hand in the scrum between the heavy foot and force the Gallic army to retreat when 2 of their Large Warbands routed.

After battle discussion concluded that the flank attack from the Gallic Cavalry arrived to late to be effective. The flanking Gallic Heavy |Infantry were to slow to contribute to the battle, except to destroy the stalling force of Roman Light Foot.

Armored Roman Heavy Foot with a general attached are hard to kill. The Gallic Heavy Foot did not get to use their Impact ability as they feared charging against the Roman Pilum.

The Gallic player was new to the game and I think he would enjoy playing a more disciplined army next time.

Thanks for a fun game Jonathan and Martin!

Large Heavy Gallic Foot set up next to the tower

Gallic battle line

Roman Heavy Foot advance up the hill

Gallic Slingers stand off Roman Cavalry and Heavy Foot!

Roman Heavy Foot try to keep their formation as they advance

Gallic Flank attack with two Heavy Foot, two Cavalry and two Captains emerge from the forest and are met by two Roman Velites

The last stand of the Velites

Gallic Cavalry threaten the Roman rear. The Hastati turn and pin them before they can cause to much trouble.

The Romans close with the Gallic battle line and dismantle it!

Late game


  1. Nice looking game, love the Gauls!

  2. Thanks. They were fun to paint with no two alike