Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Back to Routine

I hope any readers out there all had an excellent summer. I am adjusting to routine life after a long stretch away in BC. I would love to get some gaming in but my time is very limited due to my kid's involvement in Scouts and Football.

I have not been gaming much. I played Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight games on 2 occasions while in Victoria and found it to be a lot of fun. This may end up under the Christmas tree for Eric this year. Nice models and a fun campaign system. 

I have an 17th century English Civil War game set up on my game table but have not found the motivation to finish it as a solo game. That may be a sign that I need to take it down and try something else.

While I was away I read "Three years in the Sixth Corp" which Ross kindly lent me. It was an entertaining read and good insight into the fanaticism and ferocity of the combatants of the American Civil War. I have one scenario in my collection involving the Sixth Corp and will likely get that on my table soon.

I went to the giant game and hobby store in Vancouver. I found them to be overpriced and resisted getting anything. I left with a new found motivation to build my own terrain, especially buildings. 4Ground buildings ranged in price $40-100! I found a good terrain building book on Amazon and will put my money there instead.