Friday, 23 December 2016

Keeping the Fire Alive

Back at it after winning a fight with my computer. I called in an airstrike from the computer repair guy that finally got me back on line. I decided to get out a simple ACW game after playing a marathon Fire and Fury game. This time it was Battle Cry and the Cornfield Scenario from Antietam.  The troops are 15mm. My esteemed opponent got the better of me in this one...

...So I reset the table with my never before used Memoir '44 game. My opponent wanted to play something with tanks. It was a fun little air drop scenario that required me to actually drop figures from the air to see where I landed! I built a dice tower for the occasion and it worked great.

Herr Eli ponders his next move...

St Mere Eglise

I have spent the past week rebasing some of my 15mm WW2 stuff. I am good to go for Bolt Action ans Chain of Command. I had to strip some of my Flames of War bases but I had way more than I needed so I can still play FoW. In fact, I took my Soviets to a little tourny at the local game store and had a couple of games at 1250 pts Early War. I beat a Japanese infantry company but was dismantles by an Italian tank company. Good games and pleasant opponents.

I bought Chain of Command and am itching to try it. I hope to introduce it to my gaming group. They have large collections of A&A miniatures that they want to repurpose. I will likely be playing solo for the most part and I hope it works as a solo game. The will also work for Bolt Action.

Soviet squads led by specialists

SMG Soviets


I also purchased a copy of Baroque, an ECW ruleset from the writers of Basic Impetus. They are a great read and I hope to playtest them in the new year.

Merry Christmas!