Monday, 6 June 2016

Turn 2 and 3 Regimental Fire and Fury

Today I continued the battle from the last post solo. I am becoming more familiar with the charts but the turns still took about 2 hours each to play.

Turn 2

The Confederates received 4 more regiments and 5 cannon as reinforcements. They had a significant numerical advantage at this point but the onus of attack was on them. The 6th Alabama formed line and charged the 92nd New York but was repulsed by musketry. The 12th Mississippi assaulted the 100th New York and carried the position. Union cannons took a toll on the advancing Rebels.

The Union turn saw the 92nd New York rout behind the redoubt when it realized it's position was indefensible. The 100th NY withdrew in good order to form up next to a gun battery that had fallen back last turn. The remainder of the Federal move was dressing lines and rallying shaken regiments.

Confederate losses = 13 stands    Federal losses= 11 stands

Turn 3 

The Confederate front line units were starting to wear down and some were able to fall back in good order to be replaced by fresher regiments. They were able to get out of the difficult terrain and form a firing line to continue the firefight with the Union troops and exploit their greater numbers and quality. They were able to deploy face guns within canister range of the Union centre to lend weight to their fire.

The Union regiments were also wearing down but were less able to fall back without conceding valuable ground and were forced to stand in to delay the Rebel pressure.

They spent the turn rallying shaken units and using the reinforcements to support their flanks.

Counter battery fire was effective this turn with the Union damaging one gun and the Confederated damaging 2 in return.

Confederate losses= 21 stands    Union lose= 15 stands

CSA band entertains the troops

Hoping to add more turns tomorrow. I want to wrap this game up and get a WWII game going next.

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