Wednesday, 15 June 2016

New Recruits

I collected and painted a German army for WWII about two years ago. They have never been used. I have been corresponding with my local WWII gamer guru Phil and we are planning a campaign around the second battle of Kharkov 1942. The figures are 15mm from Old Glory except for the odd Battlefront figure. These are based for Flames of War and focused on an Grenadier Company with armored support. Perhaps this will get blooded during the campaign soon.

20mm AA and crew
 75mm Anti Tank guns and crews

 Infantry Gun and crew
 105mm Howitzers and crew

 Heavy mortars and crews

 Command stand
 HMG and Crew
 HMG and crew

These tanks were fun to paint. I used mostly spray paint and blue tack to get the camo pattern.

 Tiger 1 done with airbrush

 Panther D

 150mm IG airbrushed
 Light Mortar and crew
 Medium Mortars and Crew

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