Saturday, 25 June 2016

New Toys

It is not too often that I get to order up miniatures but I had the pleasure of seeing some arrive in my mailbox this week. My Prussian army gifted to me by Yankee Jeff did not have any command figures so I ordered some from Essex Miniatures. My plan is to paint them to match as close as possible to the original figures. The Essex figures were very nice but still a little large for the figures in hand. I am a devout Old Glory customer. OG is cheap like me and allows me to indulge my megalomania and collect huge armies. I based and primered the new figures and added a painted figure to use as reference. 22 command stands to do plus a 3 horse command unit with Blucher.

I truly enjoy the routine of painting and find it a great way to relax. I hope to transfer that energy and discipline to terrain building. I have been pondering making 15mm buildings. I am concerned that my skills and patience will not be up to the task and have even considered purchasing instead (gasp). Perhaps I will purchase a good how-to book instead. Any recommendations out there?

Back to painting...

Here are my command stand flags printed from the excellent War Flags web site.

Yankee Jeff gave me the Prussians in this very cool wooden wine box. I refurbished it and added my newly rebased figures back to it. It is a beautiful day here in Nova Scotia so I went on the deck for some well lit pictures of the new bases and cool carrying kit.

Wooden wine case

Top layer with generals, cavalry and limbers

Bottom layer with infantry and artillery

Jonathan is coming or a game tonight so I put together a rebased Corp of Brunswickers for him in a travel box. Here is a sunny picture of them before they go to their new home. These are from Yankee Jeff's donated collection.

Brunswickers with marching orders


  1. I was going to suggest that they might be a bit chunky but I wasn't sure what Jeffs old figures were. That chap almost looks like an old strip minifig. I had dome of those plud Heritage in my 1814 Prussian army.

    I like the box!

    Somewhere I have a file which can be used to print card houses. I can try to find them if you're interested. Never tried them myself, they came from the late Joe Lapin.

  2. I think you might be right about the original figs being Minifigs. Lots of the bases look like the have been cut or are in odd shapes.

    If you come across the file with the houses I would be happy to check them out. I have found a few as you describe but have not put any into production