Monday, 6 June 2016

Shots Fired - Turn 1

I had the pleasure of hosting Brent and Zak to try out a Regimental Fire and Fury game with my as yet unblooded ACW 15mm armies. We played for the evening and had a lot of fun coming up with a battle plan and then trying to execute it. None of us had played the rules before so we spent a lot of time flipping through the rule book and tallying up modifiers on the QRF. By the end of the evening we had only completed 1 turn! 


End of Turn 1
Rebels on the left Yanks on the right

This pictures shows the Rebels have carried the position along the fence line and driven the Federals back toward the rifle pits in the rear. Brent was going to try or a flanking maneuver but was so happy with his success that he changed to a frontal assault.

Zak commanded the Confederate right. He elected to engage in a firefight and to by pass the Federal holding force.

During the post game discussion, we agreed that the rules played well and that we had successfully learned the rules. One turn was enough to learn command, maneuver, fire, and combat. There was some discussion of continuing the battle the next night but in the ned we agreed I would continue to play solo and players could jump in when available. 

In turn one the Rebels were able to advance and drive of half of the advanced division. Two Rebel regiments charged on the left while the division on the right engaged in a fire fight. 

Cannons and muskets blazed away and both sides suffered much disorder (casualty figures indicate disorder).

The rules were enjoyable overall. I think that with more experience their will be less need to go through the QRS modifiers every time we moved, shot or charged. This ended up eating up a lot of time. 

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