Friday, 1 July 2016

Game Preparations

I have been making preparations for a Flames of War game I am hosting next week. We are having a 4 player game using a scenario from the Flames of War website based on the 3rd battle of Kharkov. I am using my new game cloth. I added some spray paint to it to break up the look and darken the olive green color. The results were adequate I think

I cut some hills from my soft foam and added them underneath the cloth. I added some blue tack around the hills to help hold the cloth in place. I am supplying the Russians and Phil is bringing the Germans. The Russians infantry are holding the line against an expected armored attack.

Below is a shot of my home made trenchworks. Cardstock base, styrofoam trenches topped with DAS clay to make the sandbags. I made them many years ago for 1st Edition FoW. I am glad to dust them off and try them on the table. I am trying out having hills under the cloth and you can see the effect below. I think it gives a more believable look to the table.

These building I finished painting for the game. They are from a 1/72 kit. The lids are removable to allow troops to occupy them. The farm animals are made of rubber and came pre painted from the local toy store. They scale up pretty well with the 15mm stuff

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