Monday, 4 June 2018

Holland 1944

I have the pleasure of hosting a game at our local mini convention. We have settled on WWII in general and Market Garden with Bolt Action in particular. One of the players came up with the scenario idea and I put together 2 platoons at about 750 pts each. I do not own as many troops as the suggested OoB asked for but I have used what I have to get a game. The scenario has 5 objectives, one in the middle of the board at the crossroads that lead to Arnhem bridge and 2 objectives in each deployment zone. The winner will be in possession of 3 or more objectives at the end of the game.
Crossroads near Arnhem
British Paratroops and supports
German Counter attackers
Newly minted BAR USA
Para Piat and 2" mortar team