Saturday, 6 May 2017

A Happy Anniversary

The Blog has one year behind it in two days. I have been having a great time producing. My photography skills have come along. I have achieved my goal of playing more games. The urge to post is great inspiration to get a game on or do a project. I am blessed with lots of rules sets that I really enjoy and lots of toys to throw on the table.

In two wakes I will head to Huzzah in Maine. I will be putting on a Command and Colors game covering the battle of Zama. I hope I remember to take pictures! I have played the scenario a couple of times and have everything need for it. 

My game room is finally out of renovation mode. During the cleanup, I was able to pare down my board game collection and create some space. 

My first project has been to base my Dwarf army for Sword and Spear Fantasy. I also have plans to produce a Eastern Human, Northern Human, Undead and Beastmen armies. My megalomania wants to use all these armies for a campaign, possibly using the Mighty Armies hex system to run it. If not , at least my languishing fantasy figures will see some action.

I cut up some 3mm mdd and made bases for the armies, I based up the Dwarves as they were the most complete army. I will either do Undead or Eastern Humans next. 


Boar Rider Cavalry

Close up




Hand Gunners



First scenario in 5 player Imperial Assault game


  1. Happy Blogaversary - Anniversary!

  2. Enjoyed your blog over recent months and hope your Huzzah trip goes well.

    I have the Sword and Spear historical rules and spent yesterday and this morning watching related videos that show the mechanics - I am quite impressed by the novelty of activation.

  3. S&S is pretty great. There is concern with the skirmishers in the system but I think they play great. The videos do a good job of explaining the concepts.