Sunday, 7 May 2017

Two Armies in Two Days

I have dusted off another fantasy army and based it for Sword and Spear Fantasy. Many of these figures are 20 years old and early in my painting career. Most are GW but there is a sprinkling of Ral Partha as well. The army still needs some work on the basing but is otherwise good to go. I was pleased to find all the pieces for the Wyvern and the Chaos Dragon. It pays to never throw anything away. I have cut bases for camps. The Undead will have a graveyard and the Dwarves will have a cave entrance. Stay tuned for those. For now, I give you the newly reanimated Undead horde.

5 Infantry, 1 of which has armoured

2 Archers

5 Cavalry with Ral Partha Heavies. Even the bases are metal!

Wraiths and Mummies. Yes, one of the Wraiths is looking the wrong way.

Chariots an Carrion Cavalry

Artillery, Bat Swarm and Skeleton Golem from Mage Knight
Giant 2 headed Chaos Dragon and rider
Rat Swarm and Wyvern

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