Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Sword and Spear Fantasy

I have put together a third army for Sword and Spear. This is an Eastern Empire army. The figures are Persian, Skythians, Turks and Arabs. Not enough for any one historical army but lots for a Fantasy army. The flying carpet guys I stole from the internet. Carpets are made of clay. I am also working on camps for all three armies. The next army is only half painted and I am not in a big hurry to get it done. I will paint up some leaders types but nothing major until I can actually get a game in. Still need to flock the Undead and Eastern Empire bases as well. I am having lots of fun with toys that have been on the shelf for many years.

My game table is converted into an army construction zone at the moment so no battle reports in the short term. I go camping this weekend and then get ready to go to Huzzah the next weekend.

Armored Horse Archers

Horse Archers



Skirmishing Napalm throwers and Archers

Magic Carpet Ride!


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  1. Magic carpet bases are a nice touch. I like the marker pins put on the bases, they look very neat compared to trailing dice behind units.