Friday, 28 April 2017

Painting and Waiting

My game room remains in disarray. The renovation is complete as of today and I expect to have figures on the table by next weekend! In the meantime, I have not been idle. I received a copy of Sword and Spear Fantasy in the mail. This prompted me to pull out my fantasy figures and see what I had on hand to make armies with. The good news is I have 2 painted armies and a half painted army ready to base up to try the rules out. I have Dwarves and Undead ready to go but will need to paint up some of Beastmen to complete that army. I can also do Humans of course, using my many ancients figures. The rules do not stray far from Sword and Spear Ancients. Magic Users, Undead and Flight are the major additions. More on this later...

I have had the pleasure of painting up my sons Imperial Assault Figures. This is a board game from Fantasy Flight games and the figures were crying out for a paint job. The game is a bunch of fun with cinematic scenarios and heroic battles. There is an in-depth campaign system to allow the heroes to grow and also for the Empire to further it's plans. Top dollar but great components and very fun to play.

Pew Pew!!

The Emperor's Royal Guard



 Trandoshan Hunters - Don't remember these from any of the movies

 Imperial Probe Droid


 More Heroes

 Imperial officers

 E-Web Engineers


These are Mindflayers from the plastic Pathfinder collection

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  1. Nice looking figures! I think you might find one of the Trandoshan guys in the bar in the original film.