Monday, 10 April 2017

Paused for a Purpose

My game room has been turned into temporary storage to accommodate a room renovation next door. The good news is we are getting a new bedroom, the bad news is no use of my toys.

This is where the fun used to happen :-(

All is not lost as I have made some use of my gaming energy. I acquired a copy of Wings of Glory as well as a batch of 10 planes for a modest price. This game is WW1 air combat and is the precursor to many other games such as Wings of War (WWII air combat), Sails of Glory and even X-Wing. I had a play test with my local opponent and it was as fun as I remembered. Playing this reminded me that I also have a game from many years ago called Ace of Aces. This is WWI air combat played entirely out of 2 books. Choose your maneuver and the book interfaces the two planes to get a result. I got to play this as well as no table space is required.

Shoot out with Wings of Glory

Old and New

I have also been painting fantastic figures as painting requires less space than gaming. The figures are a new line of pre primered D&D figures from WizKids. The line is about 1/2 monsters and 1/2 characters. I like Dwarves so I bought some Dwarves Wizards. I also bought some Halfling Rogues. On the monster side I started with Mindflayers. The figures are nice with good action poses. The wizard is casting a spell and one of the rogues has tossed a smoke bomb. I have not painted many figures lately and it was nice to do only a few rather than the usual mass production. I have dug out other fantasy models from other games and I expect I will have more painting to show off in this genre soon. Not sure what to play with them yet, Song of Blades and Heroes perhaps. Sword and Spear Fantasy will be released soon so I hope to build 2-3 armies for that game.


  1. Having gone through a looooong renovation on a property we moved into, I sympathise with the loss of gaming space. With mayhem going on all around me, I bought a couple of mini boardgames that would fit onto a small cork board and take just a couple of hours to play.

    Wings of War looks a good way of getting a gaming fix.:-)

    I remember Ace of Aces from visiting a 'real' wargame shop in the 80's, when such things more commonly existed. Hope the return to wargames room happens quickly.

  2. Thanks for the good wishes and comments Norm. I get a little stressed around the upheaval that comes with renovation and will be glad when it is all over.