Sunday, 4 June 2017

Undead vs Dwarves

Last week I was able to get  1000 pt game of Sword and Spear Fantasy set up and played. As usual, the game was played a little bit at  time due to a house full of kids and other commitments. The armies were a smattering of everything from the list. I added an entry for my Gyrocopter. This was classed as light cavalry, armored, flight and magical attack for the cannon. In the game it did not move and spent the battle guarding the camp.

My boy Eric ran the Undead. They had level 1,2 and 3 Necromancers. This proved to be a powerful batch of characters for the shambling hordes. The Undead do not need to be in command and do not benefit from normal characters. Necromancers can help get them moving by improving their activation dice. This is in addition to their usual spells. This proved to be the undoing of the Dwarven host, as a common spell cast added dice to a unit in combat. The Dwarves could not seem to set up any advantages in combat as this as the Undead could add dice to combat up to 3 times every phase. The Dwarves had a level 3 Wizard as well and he did great but was outmatched by his more numerous opponents. The game played quickly and was decisive. It was all over by turn 4 with the Dwarves retreating to their mountain stronghold and leaving their dead as fodder to be raised by the marauding Undead. As it was a learning game, I did not invest much in scenario building and just set up some terrain, lined the two sides up and went at it.

Here is m Undead camp. Unfortunately I learned that the rules do not allow the Undead to have a camp. Well screw the rules, I love this piece and will be including it in my army!

Below a Necromancer commands his troops forward. In the distance is the Dwarven camp. 

This is a shot of the cavalry battle on the flank. The Dwarves were outnumbered and were quickly over run by the more numerous and better supported Undead horse.


  1. I have the Sword and Spear Ancients set, but have gone no further than just putting a few units out to try the mechanics, which seem clever and different enough to make the rule set a keeper.

    Excellent model for the undead camp.

  2. Thanks Norm. I am not entirely sold on the Fantasy translation but need to give it more testing before judging.