Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Banging the War Drums

I have had a busy couple of weeks since Huzzah. I have assembled a primered my 3 “Things From the Basement” buildings. I built myself a “Lazy Susan” to help with the job of spray painting the big buildings. I thought of cracking out my air brush for the job but went with my trusty can of white spray paint. I may use the airbrush to paint the building interiors.

I have been banging the war drum to summon players form my gaming group. I want to teach them Baroque. I have painted more units for the armies and only played one game so far of my commitment of 6 this year (6x6 project). I found a scenario for Edgehill 1642 on the Baroque rules Facebook page and will put that game on.
Troops mustered for battle

I was able to bulk up my hedge collection. My old hedges were a little too big for my liking so I did up another 13 feet of them and scaled them back a little. They will also work for WWII France. I used foamcore base and added green scrubbies to form the hedges. I bought some Spanish Moss from the fake flower shop and ground it up in my blender. I used this mixture to flock the hedges and regular flock for the bases.
Hedges with a Tommy for scale

Painting on my fantasy figures continues. I finished a Devilish looking fellow and a scantily clad lady to be a Djinn in my fantasy “Men of the East” army. Some of the figures look to be pre primered but I have learned are not. My Dark Elf queen and Beholder are not holding paint. They must be white resin of some sort. I will have to strip them and primer. I have a half a dozen figures left on my shelf but am not in a hurry to get to them.

Tonight, I will organize the troops and terrain for Edgehill and hope I get some players. Otherwise it will be a solo game…


  1. Looking forward to your BatRep of Edgehill. Baroque works well for this period and produces a fun contest.

  2. Jeff, Did last week's game come off? When is the Edgehill game? ( Don't seem to have received an email.....)