Sunday, 25 June 2017

Muskets and Bayonets

It has been a while since my last post but I have been thinking about what to write on a regular basis. There is nothing like a big game to send me to the keyboard. Yesterday, we had 6 players for a 1st Bull Run scenario,American Civil War. The first major engagement of this conflict. We used the hex based Battle Cry rules and my 15mm ACW. The venue was the Kentville Recreation Centre run by the Kentville board game club. They meet quarterly and we have been putting miniature games on for the past 5 meetings or so. It is a good way to recruit and meet new players.

I chose this game because it was easy to put on The group was hoping for a big Napoleonic affair but I did not have time to put that together. The Confederates lost the race to the central ridge but were able to put in a punishing counter attack for the win. Stuart's cavalry were able to outmaneuver their Federal opposites. I have the first edition of these rules and we played the rules as written. It worked well but I think there have been some subtle changes in later editions that improve the random flavor of the game. For example, the All Out Attack card lets one order every unit on the board. There is only one of these in the deck and if  your side gets it, you will likely win. I think this is removed or toned down in later editions.

Thanks to all the players for a fun game!

Tick of a 6x6 game, Next, Chain of Command WWII solo game and July 9th Commit the Garde Nappy's.

Rebs on the left of the deployment and my attempt to edit a period like pic

Union left

Same deployment but without my attempt at period photography

This table looks way better but requires lots of time and does not travel well


  1. Some nice textures in that last photo, especially the felled trees. I need it to be July now .... to read about your Napoleonic game :-)

  2. Thanks Norm. I will need to narrow down a scenario and organize the troops and terrain before the Nappy's event. It is the game before the game.

  3. What a splendid table Jeffrey!