Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Literal Inspiration

I am recently returned from a holiday. During my break, I read two books of historical fiction based in Julius Caesar's Rome. The first book was about the Roman Civil War up to Caesar's death. The second book covered the slave revolts and the Pontic revolt in Greece. Mithridates was a cool character and so I have elected to have a Roman vs Pontic battle using Sword and Spear. I will need to do some rebasing of my newly acquired Greeks and look forward to seeing them in action on the table top. Mithridates was beaten by the Romans but the point system in S&S will give him a fighting chance of turning back the Roman invaders...

1 General - Mithridates VI
3 Captains

8 Imitation Legionnaires - Shield Wall and Thrown Weapons
2 Heavy Cavalry - Armored and Undisciplined
2 Archers - Medium Foot - Undisciplined
1 Sarmation Cavalry - Armored, Impact and Undisciplined
1 Thracian - Medium Foot, 2H Weapon and Undisciplined
1 Bastarnae - Medium Foot, Unarmored, 2H weapons and Undisciplined
1 Skythian Horse Archer - Light Horse
2 Javelin men - Light Foot
2 Light Horse - Javelin

Army Value 69

1 General - Pompey
2 Captains

1 Veteran Legionary - Thrown Weapons and Armored
6 Legionary - Thrown Weapons and Armored
2 Cavalry - Armored
1 Lancer - Armored and Impact
1 Horse Archer - Light Horse
1 Light Horse
2 Auxilia Archers - Medium Foot

Army Value 52

I have a shaky hand tonight and my pics are a little blurry. I rebased a few Greeks to fill out Mithridates' army. I added some height to the bases to help the smaller figs blend in with my existing troops:



Light Horse

Heavy Horse


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