Thursday, 5 January 2017

Holiday Well Spent

I am taking a week off after working through most of Christmas. This means more time for gaming. Yesterday my esteemed opponent Brent was kind enough to host a game. We played a massive version of Axis and Allies. The game board was about 4x6 and filled with various forces of WW2. I had played the original version of this game many times 30 years ago when it was released by Milton Bradley. Most of the mechanics were the same but there were many new units and flavor rules added to this version. The game took about 90 minutes to set up and we got through 5 turns. The game starts after the fall of Poland and the Low Countries. By the time we finished 5 hours had gone by, England had fallen to a well executed Sealion, the US joined the war and focused on the Pacific, Japan had knocked out China, captured the oil rich territories of the Dutch East Indies and was locked in battle with the British forces mustered in India and Siam. Germany was preparing to declare war on Russian with land sea and air forces.

Giant map and many strategic decisions

England was overrun in turn 2

Next up is a game with the too long name: Magic the Gather: Arena of the Planeswalkers. This game is an adaptation of the excellent Heroscape game mechanics with spell cards and fluff from the Magic Universe. We bought this game for Christmas last year but I could not get my kids interested even though they are huge MtG fans. This year I insisted that we try it. Well now they cannot get enough and we have played one or more games a day for the past week! There are a couple of fun looking expansions we are looking at and the figures are begging to be painted. 

Green vs Blue

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