Monday, 23 January 2017

Firefight in the Vineyards

Here are some pictures and a summary from my second Chain of Command game. This time I pulled out my 28mm US and German forces to face off in Italy.

The scenario was #2 from the rule book called "Probe". The Americans were attacking and had to get a team intact to the defending baseline. To assist them, they were allowed to get the jump on the Germans in the scouting phase and had their jump off points well forward. The Germans were stuck on their baseline.

German Jump off points
 American Jump off points

I rolled a one for reinforcements and the Americans chose an Adjutant. The Germans were empty handed. This would be a straight up fight between two fresh platoons.

The Americans deployed first with a full section in cover behind the red house with a hope of  finding a gap in the German line. The Germans countered by deploying a full section on the other side of the hill from the Americans.

The American advance was stalled by the Germans and the presence of their platoon leader

The Americans deployed a second full section with the second in command on the opposite flank. They advanced under cover until they came to an exposed hill that led to their objective. The Germans had deployed a full section in the big house overlooking this hill and spent much of the game in overwatch. 

Americans advance watched by the Germans in the distant house

The Germans got a double move and decided to take the woods before the Americans could get there. This advance was repulsed and the Americans advanced in turn. The Germans played a CoC dice and interrupted their move. The American suffered heavy casualties but decided to hold the ground and rally.

 Firefight erupts between two buildings while the Americans try to advance over open ground

The Germans had lost the initiative and the remains of the American Section (3 men) were rallied by the platoon leader and then made an all out dash for the gap in the German line while the MG 42s changed out barrels. They fell short but used their CoC dice to interrupt the German turn and complete the advance, winning the game.

Americans edge onto the exposed hill using smoke for cover

Depleted platoon takes the objective

Both sides had kept a section in reserve. Neither was willing to show their hand and risk allowing the enemy having last deployment. Americans lost 9 figures and first Sections leader was lightly injured. The Germans only suffered 4 casualties. 

The German Panzer Grenadiers are powerful in defense as they have 2 light machine guns per section. Each German squad generated as much firepower as a whole American section. A mad dash for the objective would have been suicidal for the Americans.

Both sides used smoke but I later learned from the FB rules forum that smoke grenades are not standard equipment. Oops. The smoke looked cool on the battle field at least!

Second game and I am still liking the game. It would be way more fun and challenging against another player. I will have to put some effort into finding an opponent...

German Scouts advance toward an American JOP and force them to defend it

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