Sunday, 16 October 2016

Upgrading Figs and Terrain

As note previously in the blog, I had acquired a large collection of 28mm infantry and vehicles plus the rules for Bolt Action. I have spent the past week upgrading the paint and basing for the Germans.

Here is a before shot of some gunners. The figures just had simple block painting over a black undercoat like so:

German Gunners

The first step was to glue sand to the bases and add a brown wash to it. A similar wash was given to the figures. The base was highlighted with light brown and then flocked. I also bought some long grass and tried adding this to the bases. I was pleased with the result.

The figures had a grey-blue highlight especially to the helmets, boots and strapping as this was all jet black. The result was satisfactory but does not look like many German uniforms I am used to.

German Heer and FJ infantry

Of course, all these new troops required some terrain to fight over. I built this ruin in 28mm and based it on some MDF. All done in an evening. I have an artisitic block when it comes to making building so this was something of a breakthrough. Next I want to make a complete building with a removable roof and a hay barn I say in the latest Wargames: Soldiers and Strategies. I am a little conflicted doing terrain in 28mm when I need to do it in 15mm mostly but I guess I need to do both. Bigger terrain is easier. It fills more space on the table and allows for less fiddly details.


  1. The figures look better after your work. I suspect the Germans might have been meant to be in the tropical uniforms sometimes worn in Italy and seen on some units in Normandy.

    Nice work on the buildings!