Monday, 10 October 2016

Scipio in Spain

Here are some pictures from my Command and Colors Ancients game. The scenario was Epic Ilipa. Scipio travels to Spain to beat up Hasdrubal before he can march to reinforce Hannibal's marauding forces in Italy. At least that was the historical outcome. My C&C game is converted from the blocks to miniatures. A unit is contained on a 4"x2" base. Hits are recorded by adding beads to a post attached to the base. Heavy and Medium Foot have 8 figures to a base, Auxilia have 6 and Light Foot have 4. Heavy, Medium and Light Horse have 4, 3 and 2 figures per base.

Romans on the Left - Carthage on the Right

We had 5 players and the game took about 2 hours to set up and play. The Romans opened with an unsupported cavalry charge on their left the resulted in heavy losses. I played Carthaginian left. I planned to stall the Roman advance will the strong centre closed to beat the weaker Roman centre. My elephant played a big role in this. My opponent assigned greater strength to this unit than it had and took great pains to avoid it.

Carthaginians - beads denote troop type

Carthage took and early lead but the Romans were able to mount a semblance of a comeback. Carthage reversed the historical outcome by winning 13-8. The elephant on the Carthaginian right routed some Principes and then killed a general that was leading the routed unit for the final victory.

Romans facing screening Light Foot

Cotton balls mark units that received orders this turn

Thanks to Brent, Ross of fame, Eric and Martin for a fun time.

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