Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Greek and Macedonians

Here are some pictures of figures acquired from Ross MacFarlane of Having battled against these troops on a number of occasions I had always admired their hand painted shields and Corinthian Helmets. When Ross needed to part ways with the troops to make way for newer projects, I was happy to receive them.

Refurbishing them will require dusting with a dry brush, replacing missing heads and weapons and straitening or replacing bent spears. Hopefully no rebasing will be needed.

Painstaking shield art

The figures date back to the late 70's I am told. No doubt the veterans of many campaigns. They certainly wear a lot of dust from their travels. Below is a poor picture showing a dusted unit on the right and the original dust on the left.

The figures are true 25mm and will scale up small to my current collection. My current basing system should help hide some of this difference as 1 stand holds 8 - 12 figures as a unit. The rebasing should be minimal.

Pike and Thurophori

Persian Chariots and an Armored Elephant

Thracians and peltasts


  1. I've had good games fighting those troops. I remember those Hoplites well. Nice to see them coming back to life.
    Cheers, Peter