Sunday, 15 April 2018

Latest projects

Well it has been some time since my last post. I have been remaining focused on my D&D game. We are coming up on session # 8 in the campaign, which is 7 more sessions that the average D&D campaign lasts, a fact I am well pleased with. To that end I have built some of the terrain on my list that I developed when I first started down this road. Other fun things left on it are scatter ruins, a boat, a variety of traps and webbed up woods.

I also got started on my Christmas present of Black Tree Design WW2 figs to bulk out my collections in 28mm. German specialist troops done. Next will be tackling 50 British Para and trying my hand at camouflage smocks...

German MG34

Orc swordsmen
PanzerSchrek and loader
German MG34
German MG34s
Orc Cavalry
Orc Patrol passing the players at night - They decided discretion was the better part of valor...
Dead Centaur on the road
PanzerSchrek and loader
The Troll that did in the Centaur
Trouble at the Gates of Whitehall
Swamp creature and harpy causing trouble
Mg34 and loader
orc patrol
Ulrich the peasant helps the players out

Portal with tea light in the base
Shrine to Pelor - built by the party Cleric
Throne for court intrigue scenes
campfire with tealight and bedrolls for travel

The last game the players traveled from a small village to the capitol Whitehall. They battled a hungry troll and a harpy trying to lure them into a swamp monster's feeding pit. They avoided a large orc patrol. When they arrived in Whitehall, they had to bribe the guards to get in because their party contained a Dwarf and the king is on poor terms with the Dwarfs and has an alliance with the local orcs.

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