Sunday, 30 July 2017

Prelude to Battle

I have been searching for some motivation to get my WWII stuff out. I was planning a 28mm Chain of Command game but changed to 15mm. The reason? A shiny new piece of kit. I bought a 15mm Cathedral pre-painted and good to go. Made by Battlefront. I have not played Chain of Command in a while so I have been reviewing the rules all week in preparation.

The Russians will be defending the town from a German counter attack. Here is the scene before deployment. Russia on the right and Germans on the left.

The Russians have 3 squads of 10 men each with an LMG. In support they have a B64 armored car, some barbed wire and a Scout squad.

The Germans are Panzer Grenadiers. They have 3 squads with an SMG and 2 LMG's, and a panzerschreck team. In support they have a pre game barrage and a sdfz 250 with a reconnaissance squad.

This is Charlie finding a warm spot in the sun

I visited the fortress of Louisbourg this week during a week long trip with the Venturer Scouts to Cape Breton Island. A feature of architecture during the French and Indian Wars. It has been somewhat restored after being thoroughly dismantled by the British. It is Canada's 150 Anniversary so all the National Parks are free.
Gate guard in period dress (French)

Governor's residence in the distance

A model of the changing of the guard

I purchase a 10x6' bolt of watery looking cloth in anticipation of getting my Langton ships in them mail and playing naval games. The ships shown are made of card from an old CCG game.

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