Monday, 31 July 2017

Chain of Command Scenario Three

It is my last day of holidays and I spent it playing a solo game of Chain of Command (CoC). I kept a journal of events for the write up and review. This scenario was called attack and defend. The defender deployed his deployment markers in his deployment area. The attacker started on the baseline but gets to have D6 free moves before the game continues back and forth. The Germans rolled well for force morale (11) and the Soviets rolled poorly (8). The Germans rolled 4 free moves and tried to set up his deployment so they could deploy in the rock walled field. This they succeeded in doing...

poker chips used for deployment markers


Jump Off Points

Turn 1

The Germans had the highest force morale and took the first turn. They deployed 1st Section in the center behind the rock wall and went into overwatch. They also deployed 2 scouts on the right next to the field.

The Soviets responded by having three turns in a row. They deployed A Section on their right in the woods, outside of the overwatching German's arc of fire. They planned to outflank the Germans. The extra turns allowed A Section to advance through the woods but their fire was ineffective. The Soviets tried to deploy scouts and B Section but they failed 4 attempts to deploy their troops due to the German preliminary bombardment.

The Germans responded by turning to face their flank and made room to deploy a second section if needed.

 German troops take casualties as they redeploy but their superior firepower soon begins to tell

The Soviets failed to bring in any reinforcements and had to use a Chain of Command dice to end the turn. This also ended the effects of the preliminary bombardment.

Turn 2

The Germans deployed 2 Section along the rock wall and went into overwatch. 1 Section suppressed the Soviets in the woods and fired for effect causing 2 shock. 

The Soviets finally started bringing in reinforcements. They deployed B Section in the church and fired on the overwatching 2 Section causing 1 kill. The Germans returned fire in overwatch but could not penetrate the thick walls of the cathedral. The Soviets also deployed their B64 armored car which advanced at the double.

The Germans fired for effect with 1 Section and caused 2 kills and 2 shock on A Section in the woods. 2 Section fired to suppress the cathedral with one Team and advanced to the door of the house in their front. The German reconnaissance 1/2 track arrived and advance up the road.

The Germans abandon cover and try to capture a key piece of terrain

The Soviets saw their chance to catch the Germans in the open. They deployed a Section of Scouts in the house that 1 Section was sitting in front of. They blazed away with their SMGs but only inflicted 1 shock! They had better luck on the other flank where their second Scout team surprised the scouting German team and neutralized them. A Section rallied off some shock in the woods.

Soviet Scouts surprise a German Scout team and take them out

The German phase saw the arrival of the Senior Leader. He ordered the exposed Team from 1 Section lob  3 grenades through the windows of the house with the Soviet scouts reducing the 4 man team to 1 man. They thought about assaulting but an elite scout with an SMG would have taken a few Germans with him. Instead, the Section put the barrel of the LMG and SMG in the windows and shot down the last Scout. In hindsight, the rules say the Germans should have had to assault as they were within 4" inches of each other.1 Section fired for effect into the woods again, causing 1 kill, 2 shock and lightly wounding the Soviet squad leader.

With the loss of their Scout team, the Soviets committed their last reserve. C Section arrived with the Senior Leader in the same house the Scouts had deployed in. They dropped grenades at the exposed Germans outside the house and then assaulted. The Germans rolled well and took out 2 Soviet riflemen and injured the Senior leader before they were wiped out. Now the Soviets were the exposed ones out n the open in front of the remnants of 2 Section. B Section did what they could to help by providing covering fire from the cathedral. A Section withdrew into the safety of the woods as they were too battered to contribute to the defense until rallied.

Victorious C Section is badly exposed in front of the house

The Germans deployed 3 Section in the cow field and opened up on the beleaguered C Section inflicting 3 kills and 1 shock. 2 Section managed to inflict 2 shock and lightly wounding the Soviet Junior Leader from throwing grenades and firing while suppressed. The German half track added its fire and caused another kill and shock.

3 Section arrives and pours fire into the Soviets

The Soviet force morale had been reduced to three and all they could respond with was some accurate rifle fire from the Scout Section which caused 2 kills on the newly arrived 3 Section.

The final German phase saw fire from 1 and 3 Section finish off C Section. To end the game, the German Senior Leaded lead the remnants of 2 section to throw grenades and assault the wounded Soviet Senior Leader and wounded Junior Leader from C Section resulting in their demise and the collapse of Soviet morale.

This was a landslide win for the Germans. The panzer grenadiers are powerful with their 2 LMG's per section. I am continuing to learn these rules and spent a lot of time with my nose in the rule book. It is a game that offers some interesting command decisions. Should I deploy all my units early and increase my firepower? Should I hold units in reserve and take advantage of my opponents mistakes? Should I use lots of scouts to try and force my opponent to deploy troops to defend their jump off points? Having the last reserve was decisive for the Germans when they deployed them to finish of C Section. I like being able to use the leaders to have units throw grenades. These are very effective weapons, causing 3 auto hits against troops in confined spaces. Too effective? I don't think was not clear in the rules if a unit outside a house is assaulted by a unit in the house, do they get hard cover? I ruled that they did. I will post to the FB group and see what they say.

Next? My friend Jonathan is in town. I will see if I can get the usual suspects together and put on a game for him. Also, my boy has rekindled his interest in Song of Blades and Heroes. Stay tuned for more games and pictures.


  1. The table Looks good Jeff. Mind you, you should think about painting a tabletop or drop cloth to match the colours in your backdrop that would be.. what's the modern term.... Awesome!

    Anyway I don't think I've read a negative report on a game with these rules. I'd be up to give them a try sometime

    1. Thanks Ross. I agree with the need to upgrade my cloth. I have been considering some commercial products but have not made the leap. I like your table but suspect that is paint on plywood. I will google some ideas for painting a drop cloth.