Sunday, 19 March 2017

Painting with Bob Ross

Does any one remember Bob Ross? He had a TV show back in the day in which he painted a landscape in 30 minutes. I was watching some of his shows with my kids recently, and was inspired to upgrade my back drop with his help. It has been on my "to do" list to add to my backdrop, as my old one was too small for my new, wider table. I found an episode with a landscape I liked and got my canvas and paints out. He paints with oils and I paint with acrylics, so I had to adapt on the fly. On the whole, I am pleased with the results and I think it is a big improvement on the previous painting. I have seen people use actual landscape photos for a backdrop but prefer the painted version as the realism contrasts with my attempts at terrain and toy soldiers.


...and after


  1. That is a "happy little painting." Great job!

  2. Thanks Ross. That's the guy Jonathan. His show is positive to the point of syrupy