Sunday, 12 March 2017

Jobs a good one

I am happy to show my completed ECW cavalry. These are plastics from Warlord. I slipped back into my routine of painting at least 2 colors 5 nights a week like an old glove. My lead pile is once again empty. I can get back to playing games (and writing blog posts!). I always feel a little down after finishing a painting project without another to fill its place. Like Alexander with no more lands to conquer, but less Great. Flags are again from WarFlag. The units are generic and can be used for either side of the conflict. Simple painting as always: white primer, block colors, brown ink wash then black lining. 24 horse in about 10 days.


  1. I like them! Unfortunately, I may never know the experience of an empty Lead Pile.

  2. From what I read, most gamers maintain a sizeable lead pile. I am too frugal a gamer to buy more than I plan to paint.

  3. The 17th century is one of my favorites (although I haven't done much in it recently). Very well done!