Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Game Time!

I started this blog in part to get me playing more games. I am clearing off the game table for a solo game of Sword and Spear. It will be a classic match up between Carthage and Rome sometime during the second Punic War.

Here is a link to the rules I am using:

Carthaginian Army:

1 General Mago
2 Captains

1 Veteran African Spearmen - Heavy Infantry
2 African Spearmen - Heavy Infantry
2 Spanish Scutarii - Medium Infantry
1 Slinger - Light Infantry
2 Javelinmen - Light Infantry
2 Numidian Cavalry - Light Cavalry
2 Spanish Cavalry
1 Elephant
1 Camp

Army Value 45 and 14 dice for orders

Roman Army

1 General Tullius
2 Captains
4 Hastati/ Principi - Heavy Infantry
1 Triari - Heavy Infantry
3 Velites - Light Infantry
1 Slinger - Light Infantry
1 Roman Cavalry
1 Allied Cavalry
1 Camp
Fortified Camp

Army Value 41 and 12 order dice.

My game table is 4x8. My game mat is green felt and very old. I have another underneath it made of sand, paint and caulking with homemade flock.

Scouting will allow the Carthaginians to double the value of the order dice they commit to determine who sets up first.

The Roman fortified camp will allow some defense if attacked and prevent an immediate over run if contacted.

Game report to follow...

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