Thursday, 26 May 2016

A Generous Gift

A big thank you to my friend and gaming partner Yankee Jeff. He has left the country for an indefinite time and I will miss our gaming get togethers. This post is an opportunity to say thank you for your gift of figures, books and games before your departure. I have found homes for most of what you donated, Prussian 15 mm stayed with me. I woll be ordering some like sized command figures to complete the army in the near future from Essex miniatures. Another local player claimed the British to build his Command and Colors Napoleonics in miniature project as well as some of the magazines. Another player claimed the French infantry and hopefully he will be motivated to complete the army. I pulled out the Brunswick figures and had enough to make a small Corp to offer to another player. Another player claimed the Kingmaker board game.

Thanks for adding some inspiration to our local players and I hope we get to game again in the future.

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