Friday, 1 February 2019

Battle of Marathon

I was able to play out the Battle of Marathon the other night. My wife was my opponent for the battle. She has recently learned the rules and was kind enough to participate so I would not have to play solo. She took command of Darius' Persians. The scenario takes place after the Persians have started the withdrawal of their cavalry and the Greeks have marched off their hill to try and prevent the withdrawal. The Greeks were dealt a good hand of cards and were able to press the attack using 2 line command cards in a row. The flanks were loaded with the heavy hoplites and these moved to engage the Persians. The centre was held by light troops and they advanced to javelin range and did their best to shoot up the Persians.
The Persians responded by standing and firing at every opportunity. They were very brave in that their light troops never evaded when attacked by Greek heavy troops (I think my wife wanted to reach a conclusion sooner than later and she saw evasion as drawing things out). Miltiades was able to over run the Persian left and Callimachus had some success on the other flank. Darius was held off from success in the centre against the lighter Greek troops. In the end the game ended 10-6 in Greek favor. 
Callimachus driving back the Persians towards the river
Greeks in formation as they attack
Miltiades attacking the Persian light troops


  1. Battle looks terrific! Commands & Colors Ancients looks so good when played in miniature.

  2. Agreed, even before I got to the comments, I was thinking that figures just elevate C&C to another level.

  3. Thanks guys. I have been working on the aesthetic of the game for a long time. The rules give a fun game in a reasonable amount of time. Not my favorite rules but great for engaging new players and club games.