Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Stones River 1862

I am ready to give my ACW rules another trial run. My favorite part about gaming this period is the opportunity to put together a really nice looking table with lots of interesting terrain. Many of the scenarios I have for Regimental Fire and Fury require a 5' wide table but my game table was only 4'x8'. Necessity and obsession are the mothers of invention. I bought a 1' wide board and bolted it onto the side of my existing table, held in place with 2x2s. Then I discovered the table was a bit wobbly so I remounted the legs so they were centred to the new table width. Now I have a 5x8 table and more options for scenarios especially for Fire and Fury and Napoleons Battles which usually call for 9x5 tables.

I selected a scenario from the main RF&F rulebook called " The Battle Comes to Sheridan: Stones River". I cut the hills out of my 1" thick foam and placed them under the game mat. I had enough fences and trees but needed to cut up some teddy bear fur and floormats to make the various crops. I bought a little hand vacuum which allowed me to use my home made flock liberally, as I knew it would be easy to clean. Here are some pictures of the battlefield without troops.

The troops have been sorted, labeled and marched onto the table. I added some flock to one of the fields and painted up a second ammunition wagon.

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