Thursday, 2 June 2016

"You have no idea what a horrible sight a field of battle is."

This quote is from Robert E Lee. I like ti think my version of the battlefield is quite attractive before the shooting starts at least. I am preparing for my inaugural battle with my newly minted American Civil War troops and a new (to me) set of rules. Here is a shot off the table before troop are deployed.

This is a scenario called Seven Pines from the Regimental Fire and Fury rule book. My table is a little more narrow than what the book calls for so the Yankees have less room to fall back past their camp. I chose this scenario because there are no hills. Almost all the other scenarios are festooned with lovely rolling hills and look great, but I have not figured out how to represent this level of detail without investing heavily in styrofoam boards, I thought about getting together a sand table but this remains an idea for later consideration.

This battle occurred in May 1862. The Federal army has been idling outside of Richmond and the Confederate army put together a counter attack to drive them off from threatening their capitol.

I have played Basic Old Fire and Fury (BOFF) a few times in the past and found it to work well with this period. Regimental Fire and Fury (RFF) scales the game down and adds different weaponry. I will post a review once I get the game completed. For now the units are in parade formation, labeled and ready to be deployed...

The Confederate Army marching to the sound of the guns.

Troops are now deployed. All pictures taken from behind  the Union lines

 Confederates advance across a frshly plowed field made of Dollarstore carpet and flock added.

 More Confederates advancing across an abatis made of felled trees.
 THe Union troops are deployed in depth. The front line holds while a routed regiment streams down the road past them.
 General Casey's redoubt

Another Union battery and limbers

Now to review the rules before rolling the dice.

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