Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Rebasing: Everyone's Favorite Job

I received notice from Essex Miniatures that my shipment of Prussian infantry command is on the way from England. That is my cue to get going on my rebasing project. I received about 500 infantry and 100 cavalry for a Prussian Napoleonic army from my friend Yankee Jeff. None of the infantry had command figures so I decided to order some to complete the army. They are on the small side so some interweb research revealed that Essex makes smallish 15mm figs. I will need some cannon as well and am using some Russian gunners to paint up as Prussians (sacrilege I know). I have all my other armies based for Napoleon's Battles on 20mm width x 25mm depth, 4 infantry in 2 ranks. Cavalry are on 25mm square with 2 cavalry to a base.

These are some figures from my collection being used with the hex based Commit the Garde rules available on Wargames Vault for cheap.

French and Russians at Friedland

Austrians and French in an fictitious engagement

I have in my collection French, Russian, Austrian and British armies and now I am excited to be adding a sizeable Prussian army to my collection.

I have already cut the bases out of thick card used in framing pictures from Michaels. Next I will pop all the Prussian infantry off their old bases and sort them for rebasing. 

500 infantry...

100 Cavalry...

To rebase: Supplies needed 

1) Spread a thin layer of wall plaster on the base.

2) Add four infantry in two ranks.

3) Sprinkle with sand/ballast. 

4) Let set overnight.

5) Paint base with a thick wash of brown paint. This softens the plaster and really sets the figures and sand in place.

6) Let set overnight again

7) Mix a batch of 50% water and 50% white glue. Flock the bases with a little of the brown showing through.

8) Spray with matt varnish.

9) Play a game and take pictures of your new stuff!

Here is a pic of some already rebased Brunswickers. In the background is my newly painted background


  1. Quite a horde Jeff!

    Ominous sky on your backdrop! But I suspect that may be just the way the colour has come out in the photo. Not bad though.

  2. The backdrop is indeed built with threatening skies. Very simple paint job as I am not patient or skilled enough to do more detail. I wanted something simple that would not detract from the foreground.