Tuesday, 18 April 2017

German Reinforcements

I played a game of Bolt Action recently and was inspired to fill some gaps in my German army. I did not have any infantry anti tank weapons and these a common in this rule set. I purchased some 15mm Battlefront figures used for Flames of War and based them on pennies. The jacket colour is not quite right but they painted up quickly. I am enjoying the one or two day painting projects. It is more fitting with my goals of playing more games. In the past, I would paint for 3-6 months and finish a large army. While doing this, I did little else in the gaming department. I have lots of armies now and can enjoy adding odds and ends as well as terrain.

The Hanomags are plastic Battlefront 15mm figures, the armoured truck with 4x20mm AA gun is Old Glory. The decals are from my bits box when I painted the bulk of the troops a few years back. No camouflage but lots of dry brushing. I watched a quick tutorial on weathering and added some powdered pigment. It came out ok but looks like they just drove through some mud and need to go to the motor pool car wash.

I had this last model on my shelf for some time. It is a 1/48 plastic model kit and don't ask me the make. I pulled it out and used the left over palette paint to add some colour and call it done. This vehicle may see action in my 28mm German army.

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