Saturday, 21 January 2017

6x6 project

It is a new year and I am throwing my hat in the ring to participate in the 6x6 project. I am not sure where the idea originated but have seen other bloggers joining in and it will give me a focus for gaming in upcoming year. For those that don't know, the 6x6 project is simply picking six games and striving to play them 6 times over the next year. So without further ado, here are my selections:

1) Baroque - ECW - considered but discarded options - WECW, Victory Without Quarter. I might even work on a campaign. Stay tuned...

2) D&D 5e - My son and I will be participating in a bi weekly game via Skype with chums from my childhood. I recently acquired the appropriate Players Handbook from Amazon so this is another step to committing to play.
3) Sword and Spear - Ancients - considered but discarded options - C&C Ancients. This is an excellent little game that has become popular with my local group.


 4) Chain of Command - WW2 - considered but discarded options - Flames of War, Bolt Action, A&A WW2 Miniatures. Not sure I will get to play with any one else for this but find the set challenging and fun to play solo.

5) Battle Cry - ACW - considered but discarded options - Fire and Fury Regimental. F&F looks amazing but takes too long for me to commit to 6 games. Battle Cry will scratch the ACW itch and I could play 6 games in a sitting if needed.

6) Commit the Garde - Napoleonics - considered but discarded options  - C&C:N, Napoleon's Battles, Shako 2 to name a few. Commit the Garde is popular with the group, allows big battles on a small space and gets a result in an afternoon of play.

I will probably play some of the optional games but will not commit to 6 games.

My painting goals are modest this year. I have MANY figures. Of course, more is better but not at the cost of playing games. I plan to add to my 15mm WW2 stuff in small quantity to allow options for Chain of Command and Bolt Action. I bought 40 foot and 24 horse for ECW from Warlord games that I will paint up. I found a Baroque Scenario for Edgehill that looked like fun.

Another goal is to stay focused on adding 15mm and 28mm terrain. Hows this for a New Years Resolution:

12 feet of 28mm fence, stone walls, hedges

4 28mm buildings - for ECW and WW2

4 15mm buildings - for Napoleonics and ACW

Upgrade hills for 4" hexes 


  1. Good New Years' resolutions! I will be following your Baroque, CoC, and Swords & Spear replays with great interest.

  2. Resolving is easy, but they are attainable goals. Easier than losing weight (and more fun)...

  3. That's a lot of games. Maybe I can contribute with opposition for a couple of games.