Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Look is the Thing

I have been adding to my terrain collection of late. I am always looking to find the Nirvana of the perfect looking game table. Part of this process is creating unit status markers to eliminate the need for unsightly beads and such. For my upcoming ACW game, I have dead soldiers used to represent disorder and soldiers loading guns to represent out of ammo. I found that I was running out last game and resorting to beads. I dug around my bits box and found some items to use to build more of these markers. I found some muskets which I stacked to act as a low on ammo marker.

I found some horse casualties and added an artillery wheel to represent a damaged gun.

I found some crates to use as low on ammo markers for artillery.

Here is a wagon used to represent the ammunition wagon.

I was at my favorite hobby store and purchased some rubber pre painted horse and cattle that scale up perfectly with 15mm. I glued them to pennies and flocked them. They are adorning one of the fields in my upcoming battle.

I am heading back to the game now. Starting turn 3 with casualties mounting the Confederate batteries forming up to support the main attack.... stay tuned for the newsL

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