Thursday, 14 July 2016

Blucher Arrives

I completed my Prussians from Essex. I also found a pack of Prussian Uhlans from Minifig in my lead pile and painted them up just for good measure. I modeled the Uhlans after some of the lancers in the original army. I undercoat in white and did not give the figures a wash so the colors are brighter than the originals.

Blucher Army Command stand

Original models on the left

12 new troopers from Minifig

22 new command stands

One original infantry added to 3 new command figures. Color matching was hit and miss but will look fine from 3 feet away. It was a fun project and a nice departure from my usual mass recruitment painting slog. I made no effort to match flags to historical unit types but rather picked ones I liked or matched the uniforms.