Sunday, 8 May 2016

A New Beginning...

I am stoked to get this blog started. I have been posting to Facebook or email about our games but always felt limited in giving description and pictures of the events. A blog will allow me to give battle reports that are to my liking and readers can enjoy or skip over as they see fit.

Below are some pictures of my wargame armies. More detailed accounts will come in later summaries.
Starting chronologically with  part of a 28mm Successors army bearing down on some Republican Romans. Currently based for Sword and Spear, Basic Impetus or Command and Colors Ancients.

I have an ECW Royalist army:

Next is Napoleonic armies. Currently based for Napoleon's Battles. This is Austria defending a river from a French attack. These figures are 15mm:

I have been painting 15mm ACW figures recently. I bought a Confederate army 12 years ago and painted it recently. I then had to buy something for them to shoot at and painted a Federal army this year. I have not played with these yet but have purchased Regimental Fire and Fury:

Next up I have 2 WW2 armies Mid War Germans and Russians. These are 15mm and based for Flames of War. Russian flamethrower in action:



  1. Good job on the blog Jeff... keep it up :)

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